public yoga classes

Public classes vary from week to week and are offered at the following studios in the Seattle area: Aya Yoga Oasis in Burien, Hauteyoga Queen Anne, Root Yoga in Columbia City, Shefayoga in Roosevelt, South Seattle Fitness in Beacon Hill, and The Studio at Rainier Valley in south Seattle. Please check back as the schedule changes depending on availability. Public classes are a great way to learn more about Sugarcane Yoga if you are considering private or corporate classes.

Sugarcane Yoga is pleased to offer a wide selection of classes in the Greater Seattle Area. Class styles include the following:

  • Beginner Yoga for the student new to yoga or to refresh after some time away, this class offers basic postures, alignment, and breath work. Students will learn fundamental poses, alignment, and modifications and how to link breath to movement. Classes include meditation, warm up, active poses, and relaxation.

  • Vinyasa Yoga for the student who wants to go with the flow. The sequences link breath to posture in a flowing progression and vary from class to class. Great for students with some basic experience but suitable for beginners, these classes introduce students to a wide array of postures that build off of poses learned in the beginner series.

  • Yin Yoga for the student who craves balance from an active lifestyle. A slower, meditative class that consists of fewer postures held for long periods of time to access the deeper connective tissues and fascia. While more passive than a Vinyasa class, there are still opportunities for challenge and depth within the long holds of poses.

  • Restorative Yoga for the student who wants to be fully immersed in relaxation. Props are used to support the body so no effort is needed, and poses are held for long periods of time.

  • Gentle for the student who wants gentle poses and mini-flows, this special class is done primarily seated and lying down, allows the student to find freedom in gentle movement, meditation, and relaxation.

  • Adaptive Yoga is a highly individualized yoga practice for the student with physical limitations, chronic conditions, or recovery from injury. The classes are tailored specifically to the student’s needs and will require an initial consultation to determine a class program.

  • Mix & Match for the student who wants a hybrid class- Mix and match Vinyasa and Yin, Beginner and Restorative.

 public class schedule